Bureau Extra Technique (B.E.T.) Inc.

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Our Mission - To Customize a Functional Workspace

The productivity of workers depends largely on the ergonomics and comfort of their office space…

B.E.T. is a full service office product company, from sales to design, from delivery to installation. We are dedicated to offering the best possible services at all levels.  We have been meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers throughout

  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • and Surroundings areas
Providing a superior quality product, installed by qualified and courteous personnel, promptly and efficiently. All our services leading to a working environment, you can be proud of.

Striving to provide the best in delivery, office installation and customer services.

At (B.E.T.) we are always mindful of the importance of a functional work environment. More and more these days' employees are starting to appreciate the value and the importance of an ergonomic workspace.

Our experienced team, combined with our cutting edge products, assure that all of our clients, regardless of budget and taste will find the office solution that is right for them. We will find the office solutions adjusted to your specifications, comfort and budget. Rest assured we have the answers to your needs.

Company Profile and History

In 1987 Marcel Moras started a company after working as an installer for five years. Through dedication and hard work, he developed the niche market in  Montreal.   In 1988 Marcel Moras Incorporated with the name Bureau Extra Technique (B.E.T.) Inc. saying "you can BET it's done, and done well".   In 1995 B.E.T. opened it's first warehouse to offer its customers a more complete range of services.

The VALUE and EXPERTISE of our TEAM is based on.....

Team Focused Principles

We have earned our reputation by providing our clientele with the highest level of customer service combined with the highest quality products available on today's market....

Founded in 1988, Bureau Extra Technique (B.E.T.) Inc. relies on a talented team whose reputation and experience speaks for itself.  For 18 years, our dynamic team of problem solvers have answered succesfully to the demands of numerous clients.  Our success depends on these principles:

  • Client Satisfaction

       Listening to and understanding the needs of our clients

  • Employee involvement

       Our employees are involved from the very beginning of the project, right up until the very end.
       They are active participants who pride themselves in a job well done.

  • Guarantee of quality product and expert service

       Our customer services, combined with the highest quality product available on today's market have given us our reputation as the most
       progressive office furniture dealership and service. Although we are located in Montreal, we have serviced clients throughout North America.

  • Innovation

       We are always on the cutting edge of office furniture and systems. By developing new office concepts we are assured of maintaining our        
       leading position in the industry.