Bureau Extra Technique (B.E.T.) Inc.

Delivery Services

For B.E.T. delivery is one of the most critical steps:        On Time and Complete.

B.E.T. available transport services, will deliver or pick up anything for you.

If its just to deliver a simple chair, file, no matter how small or large the projects; B.E.T. is committed to your delivery.

B.E.T. will also pick up all old office furniture or material. Our coordinators and professional staff will ensure prompt and courteous deliveries.  We will handle everything from pickup to reception, notifying and booking all deliveries or transactions between you and your subsidiaries.

Storage / Facility

B.E.T. has been steadily expanding year after year. Opening it's first warehouse in 1995, with 12,500 square feet of storage and office space.


You are expecting Installation material and the site is not ready? You have several shipments from different manufactures or locations?  B.E.T. can coordinate all these activities for you, as well as hold your products for a period of 2 weeks.  Once all material is received, B.E.T will proceed with the delivery and installation of your workspace.  These warehousing or coordination activities are included as part of installation services, however we can offer these services separately to you as required.


Do you require additional storage of office furniture or assets?

B.E.T. will pick up, count, log, organize and stack onto pallets all extra office furniture assets. For long or short term periods.