Bureau Extra Technique (B.E.T.) Inc.

For the client & installers, an installation schematic is the most important component.

  • New Plans
       Do you have an office plan? If you need an new layout, using old or new products B.E.T. can do it.  All B.E.T. plans are executed using AutoCAD drawing tools. 
       B.E.T. will design your project according to specifications, avoiding unnecessary delays in processing, from ordering to execution.
       B.E.T. initiates all projects with appropriate planning and coordination. "You can B.E.T. it's a job well done !!".
  • Existing plans
       B.E.T. will use your existing plans AutoCAD or other, to execute your project. With your existing base plan in hand, we do the rest: An inventory, a listing of
       your product(s) current worth, asset tagging and assignment to the location, we do it all. All elements that could help you in future reconfigurations,moves,
       asset inventory and depreciation activities.