Bureau Extra Technique (B.E.T.) Inc.


If it's office furniture you can BET we can fix it. Our technicians are fully qualified to tend to repairs.

You have a chair, filing cabinet or other to repair B.E.T. tend to these repairs; or provide you with a cost analysis of the repair vs the purchase of a new product.


After investing all this money on furniture,  how about Maintaining your investment?

B.E.T. maintenance program includes visits to your facility, 4 times a year, by a qualified technician.  The technician will proceed to tune up all office assets; by greasing, leveling stations and files as well as cleaning the fabric on panels or other as required.  Every B.E.T. Maintenance program is custom built to your specifications and needs.

Used Office Products

Purchase of used office assets

B.E.T. Inc. is part of a group that is interested in buying existing products in the Montreal and surrounding areas. This group pays good money for products that you may no longer think have value. All we need to know is:

1. What type of product is it?

2. How old is it?
3. How much you paid for it, on acquisition?

You don't pay for dismantling and loading in the truck. You don't pay for the transport.

Pre-owned office assets

Looking for pre-owned furniture well B.E.T. has it, or can get it for you.  B.E.T. offers only the finest in office furniture installations. (Haworth, All Steel, Herman Miller, Steel Case.) Depending on the conditions of the product. We offer up to 80% off the list price.

Renting of office assets

Need workstations, files, desks, chairs, but need it for a short term, we can help you. B.E.T. can design a rental program for short or long term leasing at very competitive rates. B.E.T. provides and deals with only the best manufacturers (Hayworth, All Steel, Herman Miller, Steel Case and many others), should you wish to purchase the material at the end of the lease, our serviceable staff can arrange it.